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Starlog 28: Star Trek and Purpose 

In Season 2, Episode 10 of Star Trek: Picard, a massive spike of neutrino emissions threatens a galactic event in which millions will die.  Q is the locator, emitter, and representative of a multitude of different events, some small and some not, that try one’s character and soul and are all connected, leading to a well-fought battle … Continue reading Starlog 28: Star Trek and Purpose 

Star Log 26: Star Trek and AI

“Starlog 7: Star Trek: AI” focuses on AI becoming sentient.  This is the case with Zora, the USS Discovery computer, in “Star Trek: Discovery”, Season 3.  In Season 4, Episode 6, Zora further develops and experiences, as she states, “emotional development [that] is an organic evolution”.  Zora once hid herself in a DOT-23 worker bot.  … Continue reading Star Log 26: Star Trek and AI

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