Starlog 3: Adventures and the Evolution of Star Trek

Professor: Adventures

Professor’s Supersense

My Supersense tells me that it is best not to do certain things that it seems logical to do.  I never know where my Supersense will lead me.  Sometimes not doing a thing means not being noticed for that thing, and not being noticed for that thing means being noticed for something that gets me early life tenure, which is Life Everlasting.

Star Trek: Evolution

“The Cage.” Star Trek: The Original Series

“Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Star Trek: The Original Series

“Encounter at Far Point.” Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Emissary.” Star Trek: Deep Space 9

“Caretaker.” Star Trek: Voyager

“Broken Bow.” Star Trek: Enterprise

“The Vulcan Hello.” Star Trek: Discovery

Listed above are pilot episodes from the Star Trek series.  The pilot episodes become more complex, more graphic, more violent, more action-oriented, more feminist, and more post-post modern.  They all demonstrate societal and generational movement from manifest destiny, idealism, and then materialism to a world in which the traditional became unreliable and to a world in which technology has seemed to exist always.  It seems, though, that there was not a return to a connection between star fleet officers defined by an organic and dynamic chemistry as well as a fundamental basis of shared morality that exists in Star Trek: The Original Series until Star Trek: Discovery. It also seems that it was not until Star Trek: Discovery that the heterogeneous became the expected, and Star Trek could move to exploring other issues without markedly making points in social and cultural discourse of difference.  Star Trek: Discovery seems to have moved into full existence with its incorporation of Star Trek: The Original Series history and references and its movement into the discourse on the topic of being.

Rank: Ensign

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