Starlog 11: Adventures and Star Trek: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations Manifested

Professor: Adventures

Professor’s Thanksgivingmas

I have arrived on Earth during the holiday season.  Thanksgiving and Christmas have been practically married, and some people are celebrating in ancient ways that have been co-opted and mutated into religion and ritual.  In stores, I see Christmas wares for sale before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Prices are low because demand is down; demand is down because there is an economic crises; and the people living in poverty still can’t afford much.   The holidays, religion, and rituals are constructed, reconstructed, and reproduced images purporting both tales and truths and tales containing truths.

Star Trek: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations Manifested

In the “Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology” course video “Exploring Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”, Eugene Roddenberry shares that he considers the Vulcan philosophy Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) “the backbone of Star Trek”.  It seems that we are still just beginning to realize IDIC on Earth.  This is due to changes in law such as the legalization of gay marriage, the pursuit of prosecution of hate groups by organizations such as Southern Poverty Law Center, the formation of grassroots movements such as Black Lives Matter to effect positive change, and the existence of new generations such as Generation Z— “the most ethnically-diverse . . . generation in American history’” according to Business Insider’s article “Generation Z: Latest Characteristics, Research and Facts”.  Full realization of IDIC, though, requires this kind of generational shift with an emphasis on diversity over several generations until IDIC becomes common nature.  Then humans might be able to move from disunity to a unity in which every being is free to exist fully as well as to pursue interests that result in self-development and promote the highest good of all.

Rank: Commander

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