Starlog 20: Star Trek: A Complex Character—Adieu

Imperial Majesty, Mother of the Fatherland, Overlord of Vulcan, Dominus of Kronos, Regina Andor, Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius—or the mirror Captain Philippa Georgiou—was a bold, shrewd, intelligent, and dominant force.  She was the type of force that makes the highest and most potent impact in the most dire and extreme situations—empire-ending situations—world-ending situations.  She either demolished or strengthened those in her company by challenging them in various ways, including strength, will, values, beliefs, concepts, and purpose.  She became the best kind of leader and person: one who experienced a dark night of the soul that resulted in growth and wisdom along with the ability to understand as well as navigate both fate and destiny.  In the words of her colleagues, family, and friends in Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3, Episode 10, 

“…[She was] the most stubborn patient I’ve ever had.” (Dr. Hugh Culber)

“…[S]he was tough.  She was a force to be reckoned with . . . and she pretty much redefined the word badass”. (Ensign Silvia Tilly)

“…[N]othing intimidated her, not in any universe.” (Lt. Joan Owosekun)

“She had no tact, and, God, I loved that about her.” (Commander Jet Reno)

“She was always honest.  Punishingly so.  Her barbs, however piercing, were utterly glorious.” (Captain Saru)

“Georgiou was the wall I crashed into over and over and over again.  She was a tormentor but a truth-teller.  She was a mirror I never knew I needed.  Like a mother, almost. Like a sister, almost….More than anything, she was my friend.  She was the most unexpected of gifts….”(Commander Burnham)

Adieu, Captain Philippa Georgiou—until the next series.

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