Starlog 21: Star Trek: Connection

Sometimes we feel that we are alone and apart.  That never has to be so.  In Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3, Episodes 11 through 13, we see Dr. Culber and his partner Lt. Commander Stamets claim Adira and Gray as family.  We see Commander Burnham complete her journey to figure out where she belongs and fully arrive home when she takes the reins as starship Captain.  We see former Captain Saru bond with a Kelpien and understand that both will return to their native home after being gone for so long.  We also see former Captain Tilly’s struggle with leadership completed as she realizes that she can shine in a different capacity and gives up her seat to the one who shines and who always has shone as an innovative leader—Michael Burnham.  We see difference embraced again and again as individuals fit into a greater whole.  Communication as well as understanding always have been key to connection—to realizing that what was sought was always present and simply waiting to be claimed.   In the end, all of us—and each one of us is an Other to one or more degrees within duality—always already are One.

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