Starlog 23: Star Trek and Marvel: IDIC and All the Lokis

Loki is the embodiment (pun intended) of IDIC.  In “Loki”, Loki exists in multitude.  He is both the original and the copy, and the copies (thus far man, woman, child, animal, and bisexual Lokis) are variants of the original rather than replicates.  He is both the Self and the Other, with each variant operating individually yet of the same basic material.  In “Loki”, the main variant Loki seems to fall in love with another variant of Loki, moving into the most severe egotism or into a self-love that shifts his understanding of himself as separate to one of vulnerability and connectedness.  The Lokis become a metaphor—the Self and the Other in the world can be seen as variants of the same being, and closing the gap between the Self and the Other leads to a healthy relationship with each variant (Self or Other as well as Self and Other) that always already is the Multitudinous One.

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